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8040 DT
                                  Geoprobe 8040 link

        Height     8'1"
        Width      7'8"
        Length    14'2"

        with winch mast fully up     18'7''
        with winch mast down        13'6''

        Drive up to 4.5 inch casing, with dual tube sampler
        Install 2" monitoring wells
        Air hammer/roller bitting capabilities
        Core-barrel to confirm bedrock

        Up to 8.25 HSA
        6,000 ft-lbs (stall)
        Water transport tank
        Pressure washer system
        Wide variety of soil and groundwater sampling systems
        140 automatic SPT sampling

        15,000 lbs

        Equals 80,000 lbs from head
        An additional 40,000 lbs pullback from the pullback rod break accessory