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8140 LS  (Long stroke, 10')


        Height     9'8"
        Width      7'
        Length    24'6"

        with winch mast fully up     24'

        150' sampling depths using 4.5" inner casing as a sampler with 6' casing
         chasing the 4.5. Well installations through 8", 6", and 4.5" steel casing.
         Continuous cores, Core difficult overburden formations. Penetrate concrete, 
         building debris, and a variety of different formations. Set better quality
         monitoring wells with a cased hole. Shake filter pack material to place where
         installing gravel packs in tall columns of water.

         The Maximum rotation speed 150 rpm. The maximum rotation torque is
          3,500 ft lbs. Maximum oscillation frequency is 135 hertz.

        24,000 lbs

        Equals 20,000 lbs from head