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CME 85


        Height     11'2"
        Width      8'
        Length    29' 1 5/8"

        with mast up     33'9.5"

        Air hammer/roller bitting capabilities
        Core-barrel to sample bedrock
          High Torque

        Up to 12.25 HSA, will allow up to 10' PVC wells
        22.900 ft-lbs
        Stainless steel water transport tank is 550 Gal.
        300/140 automatic SPT sampling

        48,100 lbs, tooled and with water

        Equals 48,000 lbs from head

"This rig has big power. And it was built to handle that power. There are no compromises. Everything is heavy-duty. The right angle drive, the rotary box, the frame, every component was specifically designed to take the forces this drill can produce, and then some.

Like all CME drills, the CME-85 is designed with many features for easy operation. A patented hydraulic kelly bar lift system, for instance, makes coupling and uncoupling the kelly bar to the right angle drive virtually effortless.

The transmission has six forward gears so there's a rotation speed and torque combination for just about any situation, from large diameter auger drilling to deep rotary jobs. With 22,900 foot pounds [31,144 Nm] of torque, the CME-85 can handle hole sizes up to 18.5 inches [47 cm] in diameter using hollow-stem augers."

(CME Website)