Glacier Drilling LLC
75 Commerce Circle
Durham Connecticut
TEL# 860-349-0397
FAX# 860-349-0417
Glacier Drilling provides air vac services to preclear soil boring locations. The Utilivac VE-75 system operates off of air, provided by portable compressor.
This system is excellent for excavation conditions ranging from hard dry clay, frozen soils to muds and slurries.
The air vac is used to visually check for burried pipes, or obstructions. Pre-clearing has been succesfully accomplished to depths of 8 to 10' below ground surface.

Glacier has a detailed Job Safety Analysis that is followed and altered as we continually look at out operating procedures.

Air Vac is used to confirm system piping was properly marked.

Using Air Vac, we still are able to get soil samples from any depth within the air vacced hole.