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Glacier Drilling has been contracted to investigate a bedrock aquafier at a capped landfill in Connecticut.
Advancement of 10.25 HSA allowed for a surface casing to be grouted in, followed by rock drilling using a down hole hammer to install a second steel casing.
After cement bentonite/grout had cured, HQ wireline coring commenced.
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Geoprobe times.
Long Island 8040 system install, Fall 2010
Glacier Drilling, making an impact, Spring 2007
This machine has a 10' stroke making it an incredibly productive piece of equipment. Add the fact that it has a automated rod handling system which includes making, breaking and lifting 10' casings, This machine drastically eliminates the risk of employees getting hurt.
Simply engineering Safety

Its true.... Sonic drilling is by far the best soil sampling method going. The vibration of the tool string enhances the cutting action of the tooling bit. Coring soils, gravels, rocks with minimum disturbance to the formation makes this method incredibly accurate. You will literally see the strata changes like never before.

Glacier Drilling is pleased to announce the addition of a new Geoprobe 8140LS Sonic drill rig.  Being the first company to bring the 8040 to the East Coast we are now the first to bring a 8140LS.
This sonic drill is tooled using the 4"x6"  method. It will retrieve 4" samples and when conditions allow can even retrieve 6" cores. We will also out fit the machine with 8" casing for larger well installs.
We believe this is an essential service to provide to our customers. This new service will give better , more accurate and a safer drilling investigation to your ultimate customer.
For further information please contact:
Mark @ mschock@glacierdrilling.com
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