Glacier Drilling provides vacuum excavation services to preclear soil boring locations. With 3 separte Utilivac VE-75 systems, we offer this service as another layer of protection from the expensive and potentially fatal error of a utility strike. This system is excellent for excavation conditions ranging from hard dry clay, frozen soils to muds and slurries. The air vac is used to visually check for buried pipes, or obstructions. Pre-clearing has been successfully accomplished to depths of 5 to 8' below ground surface.


Why Use our Vacuum Excavation Services?

Put simply, to help avoid disastrous utility strikes. There are other methods which are commonly used to preclear boring locations. "Call Before You Dig" is required before excavating, but often markouts remain to the roadside. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is another tool used to identify utilities and underground anomolies. GPR can sometimes miss, or not identify underground utilites. With our Vacuum Excavation services, Glacier Drilling conducts preclearing with an air knife excavation tool, which allows for an exposed, clear view of the borehole column. This is an excellent method to eliminate costly utility strikes and potential injury or loss of life to site personnel.

Glacier Drilling has employed Vacuum Excavation on many sites. Here are some examples.

Confirming System Piping
Vacuum Excavation is used to confirm system piping was properly marked.
Collecting Soil Samples
When using Vacuum Excavation, we are still able to get soil samples from any depth within the excavated hole.